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Amrita Ray, Ph.D.

Milling Specialist | Northern Crops Institute

Dr. Amrita Ray is a Food Scientist & Technologist with experience in the field of grain science and technology, milling & processing, dough rheology, micronutrient fortification and product development. She has worked on various projects with quinoa germ processing, pasta product development, amaranth fractionation, multigrain semolina, instant breakfast mixes, utilisation of alternate plant protein sources, shelf-life extension utilising natural preservatives to mention a few. She has published research papers in peer-reviewed journals and developed technologies on quinoa germ, micronutrient fortification etc. with commercialization of technologies to industries. Her research work has been recognised and awarded by Institute of Food Technologists, USA (IFT), Association of Food Scientists & Technologists, India (AFSTI) etc.